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Frequently Asked Questions

The formulation contains certified organic ingredients which are denoted on the back of the ingredients list.

Macadamia nut oil is a light golden oil which does not provide colour to our products. The emulsifiers in the formula which hold the formula (water & oil components) together are white in colour and they cause the whiteness of the formula. The Tasmanian kelp is an extract created from dehydrated powder – it is a clear green colour but not bright like Matcha green tea.  It is at a level that won’t turn the product green for aesthetics. 

Yes all current 4 products have natural preservatives, extracts with a combination of vitamins.


There is no base creams used in range. Each formula is uniquely created using different emulsifiers, oil, waxes and butters to form a cream suited for the desired purpose.

We do not use bases like sorblene etc at our facility at all.


Yes they are gluten free. The Vitamin E (contained in the hand cream) is from Sunflower (which can be a wheat source sometimes).


The Aloe Vera juice is USDA certified organic non-preserved freeze dried Aloe Vera powder which is reconstituted to aloe juice at the time of making each batch. This is to ensure that fresh organic juice is in each batch.


Benzyl Benzoate and salicylate are the constituents of essential oils that are found in 26′ Deep products. They are not ingredients, they are components of the essential oil. Despite not forming part of the formulas they are classified as allergens, as such they must be disclosed on the ingredient list under the IFRA regulations.

This has been answered to. No there is no palm oil itself in the formulas. There is some palm derivatives used as emulsifiers, where these are required they are RSPO certified.

Depends on the type of allergy. As the macadamia is a tree nut (actually is more of a seed than a nut) it does not mean someone with a peanut allergy will have a reaction. Most people will know if they are allergic to macadamias. Reactions on the skin can be different to those that are ingested. If a person is concerned and not sure if they are allergic they are best to do a patch test with a tester, behind the ear. Macadamia oil is similar to skins natural sebum so that it why it is used.

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