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Four Signs of Distressed Skin

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A man’s skin is exposed to a number of environmental stressors and lifestyle factors on a daily basis. After time this can start to show on the surface of the skin and effect the health of the body’s largest organ. It is important to be familiar with your skin and listen to what it is telling you. Below we discuss four common signs of distressed skin and what this means for you.

Uneven Skin Texture

Poor skin texture is an obvious determinant of distressed skin. Healthy skin will feel smooth and adequately hydrated, however unhealthy skin will feel rough and possibly bumpy. Uneven skin texture is often a result of excess dead cells or from exposure to dirt, pollution and chemicals throughout the day. Early onset of acne, blackheads and whiteheads can also lead to an undesirable skin texture. To get your skin back in shape, create a simple, easy to follow skincare routine to ensure its protected from daily factors and is receiving the attention it requires.

Signs of Ageing

As we age our skin ages, this is a natural process of life and nothing to be concerned about. However, premature signs of ageing are often preventative with the right measures and the knowledge as to what’s causing them. Lifestyle factors are the most common causes for ageing skin, with sun exposure, smoking, sleep habits, diet and stress having the greatest impact. Often the simplest solution is steering clear of things you know aren’t good for your body, as this is directly related to the damage they can do to the skin.

Flaky Skin

Healthy skin produces a natural amount of oil to protect and prevent extensive loss of water throughout the day. However, when this natural oil dries up, the loss of water is 75 times greater than normal. This, along with the lack of oil on the surface layer of the skin, can lead to the death of skin cells which then begin to peel off and flake away. Flaky skin can be as a result of a combination of factors, including cold, dry weather, increased exposure to unnatural air (air conditioning), and excess heat from hot baths and saunas. Reduce your exposure to these elements and ensure your skin is receiving adequate hydration in the form of a good quality moisturiser and sufficient water intake.

Red and Uneven Skin Tone

Our skin is made up of thousands of species of microorganisms, called skin flora, which reside on the skin in either a non-harmful or even a mutualistic way. Their presence prevents a place for bad bacteria to invade and settle. An imbalance of this skin flora can cause irritation and increase the sensitivity to environmental toxins and free radicals, causing redness, itching or inflammatory skin. This imbalance can be a result of over cleansing and using products which contain unknown, harsh chemicals. Choosing the right face wash and knowing what it contains is essential, avoid cleansers with an ingredient list heavy on chemicals and detergents.

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