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The Essential Grooming Kit: What You Need To Get Started

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Shopping for the essentials can sometimes be overwhelming and often confusing, what product does what? Which product is necessary versus a luxury choice? It doesn’t need to be complicated. Below we will discuss the few items that you should be on the lookout for that are a must-have in any grooming kit.

A Face Wash

Possibly the most essential item in any grooming kit is an adequate face wash. Washing your face with water and soap is not the answer! Water will strip your natural oils and soap can be harsh and drying, therefore can be detrimental to most skin types, especially sensitive skin. This can cause excess oil secretion, leading to a possible increase in irritation and acne activation. Choosing a gentle face wash that has men’s skin in mind is the best option. The 26’ Deep Face Wash is suitable for all skin types as it purifies, soothes and softens the skin with its all-natural ingredients. Designed to combat the effects of environmental stressors common in a man’s day-to-day life, it’s the only face wash you need for your kit.

A Moisturiser

As our skin is exposed to a number of environmental concerns, including harsh weather conditions, UV rays, cold/dry air from artificial sources and other pollutants, a moisturiser is necessary in fighting against dryness, irritation and signs of ageing. A moisturiser can be used every morning and night or after shaving. Having oily skin isn’t an excuse to leave the moisturiser out of your grooming kit, it’s just as important for those with oil prone skin as it is for those who suffer with dry, sensitive skin. The 26’ Deep Facial Moisturiser revitalises and restores moisture levels in the skin while providing anti-aging properties to combat fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a healthier, more youthful appearance.

A Shave Gel

It requires the right equipment to maintain a clean-shaven and perfectly sculpted look. A good quality shaving gel can reduce irritation and improve razor glide while moisturising the skin. The 26’ Deep Shave Gel lubricates the skin to ensure a close and comfortable shave, with ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Seaweed extract to intensify hydration of the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth. The choice of razors is endless with the different number of blades, electric razors and old school techniques. Everyone’s skin is different, so it is vital to choose a razor that works for you and is able to give you the look and feel you prefer.

Beard Oil

Regardless if your beard or moustache is in the early stages of development or fully-grown and excessively bushy, all facial hair requires regular maintenance to help soften and tame the hair to keep it healthy and looking fresh. Infused with all-natural ingredients including, Jojoba, Coconut and Argan Oils, the 26’ Deep Beard Oil nourishes, smooths and protects the most stubborn beards. The inclusion of Kelp Complex + enables the Seaweed extract to go beyond the superficial layer, replenishing and targeting toxins that lay beneath the skin. It is recommended to apply beard oil right after washing your face and beard with lukewarm water.

These items mentioned above are the essential products needed to have a well-rounded grooming kit that ensures the best chance of achieving optimal skin health. If you wish to take it a step further don’t be afraid to add an unscented lip balm for dry, chapped lips and sunscreen for those experiencing increased sun exposure throughout their day.

Explore our range of essential, all-natural, vegan and 100% recyclable grooming products to get your kit started.

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