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Top Three Things you Shouldn’t Miss in Tasmania

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Are you thinking about taking a trip to Tasmania but aren’t quite sure what this amazing state has to offer? Keep reading and we’ll tell you the three things you need to include in your itinerary this holiday.

Lake St. Claire National Park

Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Lake St. Clair National Park is home to ancient rainforests, glacial lakes and rugged mountains that make our most southern state unique. If you enjoy physical activity on your holiday, strap on your walking shoes for the Overland Track, an infamous six-day walk that passes through dense greenery and brings you out at Australia’s deepest lake. With its unforgettable views, Cradle Mountain is one you shouldn’t miss, trek to the top or simply bask in the beauty from below. A place that’s just as special anytime of the year.

Bruny Island

An experience on its own, Bruny Island is a holiday within a holiday. Known for its fresh produce, Bruny Island offers the very best of cheese, seafood, fudge, wine, whisky, gin and beer – the ultimate foodie destination. For those who want to burn off the copious amounts of calories consumed on their visit or are just looking for a bit of adventure, the island isn’t short on picturesque places for bushwalks and coastal tracks to get your heart pumping. Sighting a fur seal, fairy penguin, white wallaby or wedge tailed eagle is common on the island and is made even more possible on a cruise, sailboat or kayak tour around the coastal edge. Popular among Tasmanian locals, Australian visitors and overseas tourists, Bruny Island is the place to be.

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Visit the cute, but not so cuddly Australian natives at the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo. This experience won’t be what you expect, immersed in the natural habitats of the animals, it’s the complete opposite of a traditional zoo and is the first intentional zoo of its kind. An interesting, educational and unforgettable experience, it’s a place where you can enjoy close and personal encounters with the flora and fauna of Tasmania. One you don’t want to miss!

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