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Go to the Ocean: Discover Nature’s Ingredient for Healthy Skin

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It’s no secret the beneficial powers of nature have been harnessed for years in the world of health and skincare products. Here at 26’ Deep, we looked to the ocean for our inspiration and found the core ingredient that forms our entire skincare line, Tasmanian Sea kelp (bull kelp). With the countless ecosystems that exist under the surface of the water, it isn’t any wonder that the big blue is a source of trace minerals and vitamins lying in wait.

What is Tasmanian Sea Kelp?

Found in the depths of the rough coastal waters of Tasmania, Australia, Sea kelp resides 26’ below sea level, where it is able to feed off and soak up the minerals, vitamins and amino acids that prosper in these depths. Often growing over 30 metres tall and existing in vast masses that stretch for hundreds of kilometres along the coastline, it’s forest like presence provides a refuge and home to thousands of different species of animals and plants. During wild winter storms the kelp dislodges from the depths of the ocean and is washed up on the shores of Tasmania.

What are the Benefits of Sea Kelp?

Rich in iodine, Sea kelp has been used for centuries for food, medicinal and functional purposes to help regulate the metabolism and therefore affect the weight loss and weight gain of an indvidual. Its known antioxidant properties with the ability to provide free radical scavenging benefits makes it an undeniable choice for skin care. However, Sea kelp’s uses go beyond the nourishing and rejuvenating properties that lay beyond the thick cell walls. The process of its harvesting and farming actually contributes to the fight against the effects of climate change. Whilst it goes through the process of being dried, treated and transformed from plant to powder it will soak up excess carbon dioxide in the air, reducing the carbon footprint of not only the manufacturing companies, but of communities in general.

Our Kelp Complex +

Once the kelp is dislodged from the seas and washed up, we harvest it from the shores of King Island and the west coast of Tasmania by hand, where we take it to our sustainably run facilities to dry, treat and mill it into the potent powder which makes up our Kelp Complex + found in our entire skincare range. Home grown and 100% natural, Sea kelp was the obvious choice for an ingredient that produced the results we wanted. Men’s skin is exposed to a number of daily environmental and lifestyle stressors that are harmful and overtime will diminish the health of the skin. Sea kelps ability to harness the nutrients obtained through its lifetime allows it to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to target toxins, provide intense hydration and reduce the risk of daily skin damage.

Our products are formulated with a purpose, for a purpose. 26’ Deep offers men’s skincare that’s good for you and good for the planet. No fuss, no frills, just ingredients that work. Visit our website to discover our products.

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